Artwork - Simplified

Instructions for Non-Graphic Designers

  1. Using the artwork program of your choice please create a perfectly square-shaped graphic measuring 500 x 500 mm, or 4500 x 4500px (pixels). Please note;
    1. Once printed the SNOOD will be be trimmed to 480 x 480mm so keep this in mind with your design.
    2. Keep all vital artwork like words within 32mm of each edge (436 x 436mm) as this is the safe area due to fabric stretch. (Fabric stretch can cause the trim location to vary). 
  2. Save the artwork as a JPEG with little or no compression.
  3. Send us the artwork along with your order number to our Wetransfer page.

Important Quality Checks

Before sending your artwork you must check the artwork quality using the following steps;

  1. Enlarge the final JPEG artwork on your screen to 100% finished size. Tip: Using a ruler to measure the image on your screen; enlarge the artwork till it measures 500mm wide. Note: If your screen is not wide enough, please estimate as best you can.
  2. Check that the quality and content of the artwork is acceptable.
  3. Remember that;
    1. We will print exactly what you provide... ensure the quality is good and content is correct.
    2. Your screen may not be displaying the colours accurately so expect some variation.

Sending Large Artwork

When ready to send your artwork, please click the WeTransfer Button below to upload your artwork to our large file transfer page.

  1. Enter your order ID# (if applicable) and other relevant information in the message field.
  2. Please combine your artwork into a ZIP file before sending.

If you have any issues please contact us.


Or see our FAQ page.

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