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The ability to brand the ‘snoods’ is a big-plus...

The ability to brand the ‘snoods’ is a big-plus, but importantly it’s a small investment compared to potential sick days that may be taken.

Mountbry and Florentines (Greg Knight, General Manager)

Our team work outdoors...

Our team work outdoors, and found them comfortable and multi-use. I like the way that the team at snood have supported Foodbank also, well done.

Growers Direct (Paul Neilson, Director)

We purchased a few early on...

We purchased a few early on, and found that the workers loved them. We will now invest in snoods for all of our staff, branded with Manuka RX, for this winter - keep them safe and warm, and keep bugs away.  

Nick Coughlan (Managing Director, Manuka RX)


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